Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dive Right In and Go!

I actually can't dive, so, ha ha.

I am trying to swim once a week. Yesterday I went swimming. Getting two kids out the door and to the gym is an ordeal, especially early in the morning. I wanted to swim before the 9 a.m. Water aerobics class so I could run other errands later, and we were rushing. I got into the pool at 8:35, yikes. Should I have just done a different workout? Oh well. I decided to swim as long as I could until the old people kicked me out. I pushed myself, I didn't stop to rest.

And I swam a half mile in 25 minutes.

That is not super fast, and I want to get faster, but for me,

It was fast.

I'm getting faster! I know I will continue to improve as I swim consistently, focus on technique, and get stronger.

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