Monday, April 13, 2015

Finally Got Brave

On Saturday, I finally got brave and went to a group run.

I've been a part of the local running club on Facebook for about a year, but hadn't done anything with them. My excuses included: I'm pregnant, I just had a baby, I can't run more than a half mile without having to stop and walk, I don't know anyone, I will probably feel like a loser, what if I'm not fast enough?

I headed to Starbucks to meet up with the group. We went 3.6 miles at about 11:50 mm. The miles flew by, I loved meeting new runners, I didn't need to stop for a break. In fact, I would have liked to pick up the pace a bit, but no man or woman left behind!

This really gave me a lot of confidence with running. That distance and that pace were actually EASY for me. I got over myself and ran with completely new people. I had fun.

I will be running with the group again---hopefully soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some Tips for the New Swimmer

Starting to swim or returning to swimming for exercise can be intimidating. It seems easy, but it isn't! Here are a few tips I would like to share with you, as someone who started swimming regularly in the last year.

--just jump in! Feeling like you might like lap swimming, but feel uncomfortable in your swimsuit? Just get in the pool! The other swimmers don't care what you look like in your swimsuit, trust me, they aren't checking you out or judging. That being said, ladies, no string bikinis; and everyone, don't wear an old, practically see-through suit. Wear something that will stay on while you swim.

--bring goggles and a swim cap. Swimming with correct alignment (body and hips at the top of the water) will be so much easier if you can stick your face in the water. Don't forget to breath out your nose! With goggles, you won't get chlorine in your eyes, and with a cap, you won't have annoying hairs in your face.

--determine how many breaths you will rest between lengths. This gives you time to rest before you continue, but also makes a challenge. Start with resting 15 breaths, then 10, then 5, then continuous lengths.

--watch videos online of excellent swimmers. Speedo, Swim Smooth, and Go Swim are some of my favorite YouTube channels for this.

--learn proper pool etiquette. Here's a great article:

--take lessons or hire a coach if you need to learn to swim or if you've hit a plateau.

What else would you add?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunny Runny

Today I loaded up the kids and hit my favorite running path with them in front of me. It was sunny and nice at about 45°F. I think everyone enjoyed the fresh air through the forest. I ran two miles, only walking up the tough hills (about .25 mile total). Then we went to the park to play. Both kids had fun playing. Unfortunately I didn't get to stretch because I was holding J and making sure El didn't fall. Maybe some very after-the-fact stretching after my shower.

It was nice to start the week off on a positive note. Last week I swam once, a cut-short strength session, and one 2-mile run. This week I'll do better!

I'm feeling good about weight loss from pregnancy. I've lost 20 lbs and have 20 lbs more to go. Wahoo! Way to grow a baby for 9 months, push it out, and care for and feed it for six months, Body!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

6 months postpartum

Wow, has it really been 6 months? I am not where I hoped to be physically, but that's OK. I've said it before, but two kids are really a lot of work. I am finally feeling back to my old self with regards to energy and desire to be productive. Yay!

In this month since my last check in, I've made a lot of progress. I've signed up for a race (4.5 mile trail run called the Mud and Chocolate Run). On Saturday, we went on a painfully slow and very challenging 4.5 mile run (I was just planning on 3, Drew wanted 4 but miscalculated). I've run at least twice a week. I've been happier and enjoyed my runs more often.

My goals for the next month or so are to be consistent with core work, run twice a week, swim once a week, try to get 5-a-day. And to be a pleasant but firm mommy.

My Workout Schedule

I'm hoping to get into a better workout schedule. Hopefully having a specific workout per day will help me have better workouts (instead of floundering for one).

Monday---easy run, weight lifting
Tuesday---Pilates, swim
Wednesday---HIIT run (alternate weeks between hills and sprints), HIIT bodyweight
Thursday---easy 1 mile run, weight lifting
Friday---Pilates, swim
Saturday---long run, family activity

If I miss a day, no worries. I won't try to make up workouts that I miss. I've felt really discouraged with trying to get back into working out after J was born. Having two kids is exhausting. But having a plan of what to do that day should give me better motivation. I'm doing better at exercising consistently. And I can, of course, go on a walk any day I feel like it.

Do you have a workout schedule? What's it like?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Cellos at the Gym

Today during my run at the gym on the treadmill, I saw something that made me smile on the Today Show---Two Cellos!

They were playing a song from their new album Celloverse. I haven't listened to the album and I could not hear what they played (the captions just had music notes), but it was fun to see some cello rocking during my really hard run!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be A Better Musician Mom

El is definitely musical. It's early with J, but he does like when I sing to him.

What I should do to encourage musicality is sing, clap rhythms, play with instruments, sit down at the piano with them, dance, listen to many kinds of music, practice my own instruments. And I should do them often.

Well, we sing daily and listen to music during playtime. Those other things happen, just not every day.

I don't expect my kids to be Mozart or Josh Groban. I do hope they will love and appreciate music.

How do I make sure they love it? By showing that I love music and making it fun.

We sing songs, and El fills in the blanks when I pause.

We sing LDS primary songs before bed.

We listen to classical music during playtime and work time.

They see me playing the organ and get to "help" after church if they were good.

We have impromptu "ballets" that are mostly running in circles and giggling.

We clap our hands.

We pound on the piano. And we cuddle while we do it!

Not each thing each day. But a bit every day. That makes music part of your daily life. It becomes the norm. And everyone is lifted and drawn closer by music together.