Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Workout Schedule

I'm hoping to get into a better workout schedule. Hopefully having a specific workout per day will help me have better workouts (instead of floundering for one).

Monday---easy run, weight lifting
Tuesday---Pilates, swim
Wednesday---HIIT run (alternate weeks between hills and sprints), HIIT bodyweight
Thursday---easy 1 mile run, weight lifting
Friday---Pilates, swim
Saturday---long run, family activity

If I miss a day, no worries. I won't try to make up workouts that I miss. I've felt really discouraged with trying to get back into working out after J was born. Having two kids is exhausting. But having a plan of what to do that day should give me better motivation. I'm doing better at exercising consistently. And I can, of course, go on a walk any day I feel like it.

Do you have a workout schedule? What's it like?

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