Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Shoes, Practicing, and News

I am pretty excited about my new, hot pink running shoes. I love them so far. I need to do a treadmill run before I decide for sure, but they were great for some kickboxing I did.

My mom gave me some piano books for Christmas. Lately, I have made an extra effort to sit down to practice. It helps that El is getting better at playing on her own. But it has been really nice to sit down and play, and I have noticed improvement.

Yesterday, I ran in front of our house for a mile, up and down the street, back and forth, in my old shoes. It was nice to get a short run in while El napped.

Running and musical practice are going to get more complicated in August. I am having another baby then! It is the main reason I have felt blah about exercise lately. I just started my second trimester and I have a lot more energy now.

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