Monday, March 24, 2014

A Student!

I am very excited to have a cello student! It has been about three years since I last taught, so I'm really looking forward to diving in and helping myself grow as a cellist. Plus, it will give me more incentive to practice.

I went to Utah last week and only exercised once. This week I am diving back into it and will incorporate strength training three times a week, running at least twice a week (as long as it feels good to do so), walking daily with El, and soon I will be swimming at the gym. The best-laid plans are sure to go awry, but I know how good exercise feels. My legs are really craving a hard run. When I'm done being pregnant I will have to give them a hard run for a reward.

Speaking of pregnant legs, I am worried about varicose veins. I didn't have them with El but my mom always had them really bad. This time around, my veins look a lot more present and close to my skin. I will probably order some horrible compression thigh-high socks to save my legs.

On my road trip to Utah with my friend, I listened to different music from what I usually do, which is country. Didn't know any of the words, except for when we listened to the Carpenters and to country, but it was nice to listen to something different. I am always amazed at the varieties of music in the world.

PS---we are getting our piano tuned today! Finally!

What song is stuck in your head today?
Today it's anything from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat because Drew taught the second half of the Joseph in Egypt story in Sunday School yesterday, and we both have the whole thing memorized. We are cool and really acted a lot like my parents yesterday. Awkward. At least El thinks we are funny at this point of her life, instead of being embarrassed.

What workouts do you have planned for today?

Do you teach music lessons?

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