Friday, March 28, 2014

Poor Guy

Just a quick post because my cousin is visiting!

Poor Drew went out on his 9 mile run after work yesterday. He didn't go with his buddy because he wanted to have the evening with us. They are training for a half marathon. Things did not go well in the first three miles.

First, water. His friend ordered a water belt, but it was too big for either of them. I had taken our little backpack he's used before when I went to Seattle for the day with my cousin. So he put his camelback in his fanny pack and headed out. The fanny pack flopped around and was generally annoying for the whole run. He realized the water tasted funny and noticed a bunch of mold in the tube and spout---no water for him!

Next, the run was tough as he tried to loosen everything out after two days of rest, one of those because he had the flu.

Then, he got stung by a bee on his lip! Poor guy.

All this by mile three. But, he dug deep and persevered for the next six miles and he felt great at the end of the run (his lip felt better, too).

What was your worst run, in regards to circumstances?

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