Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Monday Workout!

El has been driving me absolutely insane the past few days. After she woke up an hour early, refused to eat or drink very much of anything, and was incredibly whiney, I put her down for an early nap at 8:30. I decided to go out into the garage and street in front of the house to do one of the few running workouts I do, besides just going. And after this great workout, I feel ready to deal with my cute little whiner baby for the day.

It is Daily Cup of Kate's "Run 'n Row" workout. If you have access to a rowing machine, it is a great half-hour workout. I am lucky enough to have a rowing machine in the garage (Drew probably thinks I never use it, but I do, not regularly though). I got it for free when a church member was moving and didn't have room in the moving truck. Basically, you run for 5 minutes, then row for 5 minutes, and then a descending ladder for 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes. I started with rowing, but same thing, right?

This workout always gets my heart rate up, so I took a 1 minute break to stretch and bring my heart rate back down in between each unit. It ended up taking longer than 30 minutes, but I feel good now and I didn't push myself too hard, which is important to do during pregnancy. It isn't bad to work hard, but it is bad to wipe yourself out.

I ended up rowing .28 miles in about 15 total minutes and running 1.6 miles in a little over 15 minutes (I always stopped my gps at my house so it would keep a good measure). Then added in another short run to get to an even 2 miles. I was happy to hear my fastest half-mile split was at 10:19, and it was my last one. My average ended up being 10:50, so I'm not complaining. I feel like I have been able to keep up my speed gains fairly well during these first 20 weeks. We will have to see how the next 20 weeks and postpartum recovery goes! I'm really pleased with my achievements in this workout and feel good now. Here's to a beautiful and healthy sunny day!

If you have kids, does a good workout help you be a better mom?

Do you row?

What's your favorite running workout?

Week of Workouts: March 24 - March 30

45 minute strength and core
1 mile run, 11:10---really pathetic, I started going and had to go so bad I had to get home. And then it was dark outside and I just sat on the couch. At least I ran a mile!

pilates 20 minutes
2 mile walk

30 minute strength and core
2 mile walk

Walking around Seattle all afternoon

2 mile walk
Pilates 20 minutes

Walking around beaches

Overall, a pretty OK week. Much better than the prior week, when I only exercised once!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Poor Guy

Just a quick post because my cousin is visiting!

Poor Drew went out on his 9 mile run after work yesterday. He didn't go with his buddy because he wanted to have the evening with us. They are training for a half marathon. Things did not go well in the first three miles.

First, water. His friend ordered a water belt, but it was too big for either of them. I had taken our little backpack he's used before when I went to Seattle for the day with my cousin. So he put his camelback in his fanny pack and headed out. The fanny pack flopped around and was generally annoying for the whole run. He realized the water tasted funny and noticed a bunch of mold in the tube and spout---no water for him!

Next, the run was tough as he tried to loosen everything out after two days of rest, one of those because he had the flu.

Then, he got stung by a bee on his lip! Poor guy.

All this by mile three. But, he dug deep and persevered for the next six miles and he felt great at the end of the run (his lip felt better, too).

What was your worst run, in regards to circumstances?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In Tune

Kenn from Wildes Pianos came up from Kirkland to tune our piano. We picked him because he has a passion for old pianos and we have an old piano. He gave it a good examination before starting to tune it. I learned a lot about the mechanics of a piano, how you tune one, and about pitch. I also learned that the Pacific Northwest is the best climate for an instrument because the humidity and temperatures are relatively stable all year. He pretty much said that our piano is in almost factory condition. It also has the original ivory keys (!!!), although the black keys were replaced to plastic in the 1970s, so no ebony on this piano. I do know a lot about the history of the piano, something unique for an old piano. It came from the factory to the house in Snohomish, where is stayed until we got it. It has a big sound (which I love) and is a healthy instrument. All of things are good things.

The only aspect of the instrument's health that Kenn couldn't evaluate without tuning was the strings and how brittle they were. Do we take the risk of breaking strings and tune the piano to 440? Or do we play it safe and tune it low, which is only a problem if you have perfect pitch (I do not). Although I don't have perfect pitch, I do tune my cello to 440 so I decided to take the risk and tune the piano to 440.

The lowest set of strings (and most expensive to replace) went to perfect pitch without a hitch. And then up to the middle set. And the first one snapped. The middle set is also where three strings had previously been broken and repaired. At that point, we decided to tune the piano to 435. Next year, Kenn will come with a bunch of strings from a spool and tune the piano to 440. However, I did feel better about this once Kenn told me that pianos of this generation were traditionally tuned to 435, so it actually is perfect for the piano.

I haven't had an opportunity to sit down and pound it out on the piano. Ahhh, the life of a mom with a lot of things going on. But, Drew has been playing a lot and it sounds really good. I am really happy that we got it tuned and that our piano is a healthy instrument!

How often do you tune your piano? They recommend once a year.

Any perfect pitchers out there? Not me. But my uncle does have perfect pitch.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Student!

I am very excited to have a cello student! It has been about three years since I last taught, so I'm really looking forward to diving in and helping myself grow as a cellist. Plus, it will give me more incentive to practice.

I went to Utah last week and only exercised once. This week I am diving back into it and will incorporate strength training three times a week, running at least twice a week (as long as it feels good to do so), walking daily with El, and soon I will be swimming at the gym. The best-laid plans are sure to go awry, but I know how good exercise feels. My legs are really craving a hard run. When I'm done being pregnant I will have to give them a hard run for a reward.

Speaking of pregnant legs, I am worried about varicose veins. I didn't have them with El but my mom always had them really bad. This time around, my veins look a lot more present and close to my skin. I will probably order some horrible compression thigh-high socks to save my legs.

On my road trip to Utah with my friend, I listened to different music from what I usually do, which is country. Didn't know any of the words, except for when we listened to the Carpenters and to country, but it was nice to listen to something different. I am always amazed at the varieties of music in the world.

PS---we are getting our piano tuned today! Finally!

What song is stuck in your head today?
Today it's anything from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat because Drew taught the second half of the Joseph in Egypt story in Sunday School yesterday, and we both have the whole thing memorized. We are cool and really acted a lot like my parents yesterday. Awkward. At least El thinks we are funny at this point of her life, instead of being embarrassed.

What workouts do you have planned for today?

Do you teach music lessons?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Running Lately

I am feeling pretty good for the most part. Pregnancy is a funny thing. I run two or three times a week, anywhere from 1 mile to 3. Oh yeah, racking up the springtime miles. Today I'm planning on a row and run workout, or running to the park with El because it is a beautiful sunny day. We talked to some friends in the UK this morning, so that threw off our usual schedule.

Something I am struggling with is the upcoming summer. I would love to race and push myself this summer in my running, but now is not the time! I just need to trust that there will be a time for me to accomplish my goals.

I did have an awesome early morning run on Saturday. That really brightened my mood that I am 17 weeks and can feel great with an average pace of 10:45.

I have been thinking about what fulfills me as a person. One thing in particular is music, and challenging myself to learn new songs. I was doing well for a few weeks at playing the piano daily, but not this week. However, I have been singing a lot with El and I love that she is recognizing the songs and actions we do.

Happy running and happy musicing until nest time!