Monday, July 14, 2014

Brand New Organ

We just got a new church building. It is prettying exciting. Yesterday was my first time playing the organ there. I do not have keys to the building and couldn't make it in the evening last week, so right before church was the first time I touched the new organ.


I really like the keyboard. I need to figure out the stops. It is much easier to see the chorister. The foot rest is too far back for my short little legs. I haven't tried out the foot pedals yet but I am excited to. I like the stops, but I'm not exactly sure how they are arranged, it seemed like they sounded a lot alike. Tank goodness there was a note about a webpage for the full manual of the the organ. I will be reading that this week. It is fun to play a new instrument!

El really wanted to play with me at the organ. We play the piano together almost every day. Maybe I'll bring her to the church some time in the evening and she can play/hit random notes.

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