Thursday, July 17, 2014

You Go Girl Ninja Warrior

You've probably seen it all over your Facebook newsfeed. You've probably watched it, too. If not, you can watch Katie Catanzaro complete the American Ninja Warrior finals course here.

This is not a show I usually tune in to, I'll watch it if there isn't anything on. Watching Catanzaro and her amazing athleticism is truly inspiring. She is the first woman to complete the course.

The thing people are talking about is her size. She's 5 feet tall and less than 100 lbs, which I guess is a bit of a disadvantage because of her wingspan. I think her lightweight is an advantage, because she has less to haul, toss, and carry. As a gymnast, she's already an incredible athlete and knows her body and how to maneuver it well.

I loved this article, a conversation with Catanzaro. I loved her attitude going into it, that is was not 'no woman has done it, so I can't,' but 'no woman has done it, so I'm going to be the woman who does.'

I think this attitude can carry to everyone, each person, each woman, each athlete, each musician, each student, each whatever---however you define yourself. I've never done that before, but that doesn't mean it is impossible. Each person has potential. We each can accomplish more than we think, we just have to try.

I had never been a runner, but I went for a half marathon and I ran the dang thing (need to try again)!
I had never been a swimmer, but lap swimming made me feel like an athlete, an identity I has never given myself.
I am not a musical prodigy or a special talent, but I'm an accomplished and amateur cellist, pianist, singer, and organist.

Who are you? Who are you going to be?

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