Monday, January 27, 2014

Starting Over

I have been so lazy when it comes to running lately. Drew and I are running a 2.5 mile race with his brother Wes and his wife Maren in March. That isn't a challenging distance! Right?

On Saturday I went out to run, and it was so tough. Not too bad for my legs, but it was hard on my lungs. I need to build up my stamina again! It is discouraging to have to start over when you've been somewhere you never thought was possible. But, I'm not at all surprised.

I've run once or twice a week throughout December and January, no wonder I lost endurance. My speed, fortunately, has stayed around 10:45. I was excited about that. For short distances, it is good to work on speed.

My goals to prepare for the race will be to run four times a week, to build up to four miles as my comfortable distance, and to maintain or improve my average pace (the dream is 10:00 mile). I think these are doable in the month and a half until the race.

Sometimes starting over is a good thing.  It can be discouraging. But is can also be motivating. You already know what you are capable of, so why not go above and beyond that? Starting over can also give you drive to work harder and to meet your goals, not just setting them and ignoring them, as I have done since September.

Our lives are constantly changing. We are always starting over. It isn't a bad thing,

On the schedule for today: strength training and a 2 mile run with El in the stroller. We will probably end up at the park and play for a while there.

Have you started over recently?
I've just started digital scrapbooking and it much more motivating to me than paper scrapbooking! So I feel like I can start over and finish things,

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