Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Yoga

Last night, I started my free trial at LA Fitness. And just walking in, I knew I liked it better than tho their place. Talking to the sales rep was great; he did not badger me and cause me stress. And the equipment is much nicer. Plus, they have a pool, classes, and racquetball courts! Andrew says the salesman probably didn't stress me out because they aren't competing for my business. They just let me loose and let the facility convince me. Then, when I want a membership, the stress will begin.

Anyway, last night I went to the yoga class. I like yoga and I felt good after the class, but I did not like the style the teacher taught. I like a little more flow through the asanas. She practices Kundalini yoga, which I guess is about energy flow. We flowed between two poses for a few minutes and then did a completely different pose. It wasn't my kind of yoga, but that's ok. There were about 30 people there, which I thought was really cool.

Tonight when Drew gets home, I'm going swimming! I'm so excited. We went to a nearby pool on Saturday and I have been itching to get back in the water. There's a part in the movie Big Fish when the Dad gets in the bathtub because, he says, "I'm drying up." I understand exactly what he means. Maybe I am more swimmer than runner? Ahhh well, we shall see.

I haven't done much running lately. It's been nice to just go on walks with my neighbor and El in the stroller. Sometimes taking things slow can make you like it more when you start back up again. Or it can make it harder to start.

Do you swim? What's your favorite cross training?

Do you like yoga? Do you have a favorite yoga blog?

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