Thursday, January 9, 2014

Running And Health Goals, 2014

I am not sure what this year will bring. It is going to be crazy with two family trips in June and maybe a road trip in March and just the general busyness of life. But, I do have some goals for running and for my health.

Run two 10ks. At least two 10ks. This is a distance I have never done, and it is much more manageable than a half marathon when life gets busy. One will be in the spring and one in fall. Maybe I'll throw another in somewhere...

Improve my speed. I have been working on this since the half marathon. I went from and average pace of 11:30 to an average pace of 10:45. I would still like to cut that down. This will be done by doing sprinting and interval workouts.

Be more consistent. I really do enjoy running, but I make too many excuses. I need to make a schedule and just do it!

Eat more veggies and fruits. Because I do like produce, it should be easy to do. But sometimes it is just easier to have some bread and jam than it is to have an apple---and apples aren't even hard!

Floss. I am not good about this and it doesn't take much time. Just do it!

Support Drew in his running goals. He is thinking of running a marathon this year. He will, for sure, run a half. Being parents takes a lot of time. He was such a great support to me last year when I was training. I will support him in whatever races he chooses to do. It is tough to be parents and to want to run these long distances.

Lap swim. I love lap swimming. I need to discuss this with Drew, but this will either involve me getting a punch pass to a nice facility and swimming once a week of getting a gym membership for a place with a pool and going once or twice a week plus a weekly spin class. We'll see. Ugh money.

Walk with El more often. This girl loves being outside. I love that. We both like the fresh air so we should make sure we enjoy it together!

Today's workout
15 minutes of yoga
Planned 3 mile run after the repairman comes and goes

What are some of your running and health goals for 2014?

Any advice for spousal support during marathon training?

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