Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rain, Rowing, and Running

Hello there. You probably didn't even miss me because I don't think anyone even reads this blog. But I had a great Christmas and New Year. I also didn't run or even workout much for that matter.

Today I did a great workout from a blog I read, A Daily Cup of Kate. It was a run/row workout. Perfect for a wet day while your teething child naps. I used my rowing machine in our garage and then ran up and down the street. It was really great and I will be repeating this workout again. I was so tired by the end!

I'm also doing an 8-week fitness challenge. You get points for eating enough veggies and exercising and so on. Everyone puts in $10 and the money is divided between the person who lost the most weight and the person with the most points. I probably won't win, but it is good to have a group to encourage me with being more healthy.

Today's workout
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of row and run, for a total of 15 minutes rowing and 15 minutes running, .26 mile row and ~1.5 miles run

Did you have a jolly holiday?

Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks?
Not yet, but I want to!

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