Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Should You Put Your Child In Music Lessons?

The last few posts have been about running, so I think we all need a music post.

A friend recently emailed me about her daughter, whom she wanted to start playing the violin or the cello. I don't know if her daughter has musical aptitude or if mom wants her to play. It seems like mom wants her to play because her question was about the cost and ease of getting a violin versus that of finding and purchasing a small cello, not about daughter's desire to play the cello or violin or the oboe or the tuba.

I didn't know what to say, so I just kind of fluffed around with "neither one is more difficult," "look into renting," and "music is great."

The truth is, her daughter is going have to learn the notes, the instrument, and just stick with it until she can play something enjoyable for mom. And if she doesn't want to play, it isn't going to happen.

I wish that I had read this article and had passed it along to my friend.

"The Truth About Piano Lessons"

It really hits a lot thoughts that I had regarding my friend's daughter.

  • Music is great and has so many benefits on your brain.
  • Music is hard work and requires dedication to get anywhere with it.
  • If your kid is already overwhelmed with other activities, they aren't going to practice.
  • The parents really need to be involved in their child's early practice.
  • Any child can learn the piano (or any instrument).
Basically, we want your child to play music and appreciate music, BUT, are you and they willing to commit to spending time with the instrument?

I think the same is true to any extracurricular. Are you willing to spend time with a soccer ball to become great? Are you willing to log the miles? Are you willing to practice for hours? Are you willing to be diligent with this so you can reap the rewards and satisfaction?

I don't know what my friend will decide to do. I suggested that she let her daughter decided which instrument. I hope she picks something and sticks with it.

How old were you when you started your instrument or other passion?
6 for the piano, 11 for the cello.

If you could go back to your childhood, would you do a different activity or not have quit something?
I would have liked to do more swimming lessons beyond just treading water.

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