Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Great Vacation

I just got back from a wonderful vacation. I actually feel rejuvenated! I have been killing it with productivity since then. I am also ready and motivated to dive in to exercise and healthy living again.

I don't really have anything to say today, but I have some blog posts in my head floating around. I'll get those out soon. Here are some current ransoms going on in my life.

El was a happy girl and played contentedly by herself for 45 minutes and I was able to practice the piano that whole time! There is hope!

I didn't exercise as much as I wanted to on our vacation, but I did get out for awalk every day, including our long driving days!

I'm doing a pedometer challenge with Drew for his work. It is fun to see how many steps I get in a day. Yesterday I was very productive and went grocery shopping. I didn't even go on a walk! And got 12000 steps. Today is still going well, but I think I will need to go on a walk this afternoon. It's funny how an average day at home gets me at least 4000 steps, while Drew barely hits 1500 at a day of work.

This week's lesson was good. I would really like to have more students.

I am happy I signed up for the gym. I have especially liked swimming in the mornings and having access to the weight machines. I am still sore from yesterday's workout.

Have you had success growing an avocado plant from the seed? I'd like to try it...

That's all for today!

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