Friday, April 4, 2014

Looking Back on a Week of Working Out

After Monday's excellent run/row workout, I was excited about a great week where I would run one or even two more times during the week.

Basically, I'm really hoping to squeeze a run in before we go car shopping tomorrow morning, because I haven't run since.

I felt great after Monday, a little sore from rowing, but nothing horrible. And I never did feel horrible. I decided I need to row more often because it really is a great workout. But on my walk on Wednesday, I started feeling that tightness in your belly that doesn't go away until you stop walking---not a contraction, but round ligament pain.

I was a serious walker while pregnant with El. I walked 3 miles each morning, and then 2 or 3 more in the evening with Drew. After talking with my OB, I realized I was experiencing the round ligament pain and there was something I could do about it. Around 28 weeks I bought a Gabriella Maternity Belt and the pain stopped on my walks and hikes for the rest of my pregnancy.

So I was sort of sad that on both Wednesday and Thursday, I experienced serious round ligament pain on my walks. I did not want to try to run and fight that pain, or have to stop all the time, or try to stretch it out. Today on my walk with El, I broke out the old support belt and I had absolutely no problems with pain. I am only 20 weeks, and that's the depressing thing. Things sure are happening sooner the second time around than the first.

However, I'm hopeful that with the maternity belt, I will be able to keep on doing short runs without experiencing the ligament pain.

And I've been thinking, I am really pleased with my fitness level. I know I stopped running by the end of my first trimester, and here I am, running two miles here and there, planning on running in the future at 20 weeks! Good news for me and my earlier running fitness!

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