Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep At Night?

El was up half the night between Monday and Tuesday with gas and a fever. Poor girl. I did not sleep either because I was trying to comfort her. Woe is me.

What do you do when you are up in the night? It depends on why. If I can't sleep for no reason, I might read a book or magazine. If I am nursing a child, I'll browse Pinterest. If I am having a pregnant starvation freak out, I'll go get a bowl of cereal. If someone in the room is snoring, I'll either try to tell them to stop in ways ranging from polite to angry, or I'll stomp off to the couch. If I'm comforting my sick child, I usually wish I were sleeping and get a little angry and sit and stew but feel bad because I should be more comforting,

But that night, I rewrote words to songs. It made being up all night almost pleasant. Almost. But not as pleasant as the two-hour nap I took in the afternoon.

So maybe next time you are awake, try making up new words to songs. It is way better than counting sheep.

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