Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So Glad

I am so glad that I decided to stop running last week. Today I attempted a 3-mile walk and it was a slow one. The round ligament pain has been pretty bad on my walks lately. Then, my whole abdomen and back get tired and sore. And then I limp along at a slower walking pace (22:00 per mile) and push the stroller along. I probably look really pathetic. But that is why I am happy I am done with running for now. I would be dead on the side of the road if I tried.

I am praying that swimming will help with this problem, not only for relief during the swim, but also for a wider variety of activities such as walking. If I have to spend May, June, July, and half of August limping around on walks, I will probably give up. If I give up on walking, El will drive me crazy. She loves being outside. I will also go crazy, cuz I love being outside too.

But I'm already planning my comeback. One of my good friends is having a baby two months after I am. We ran our half marathon together and I think we will set some running goals together. It will be great to have a buddy in the same situation and whom I can be accountable to.

Until my glorious or not comeback, I will limp around pushing El in the stroller, cheering Drew on as he races through the summer.

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