Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Swimming Lessons in Our Future

I feel like I'm entering a parenthood right of passage... Enrolling my child in swimming lessons! Since we just got a new car, we will be heading to the pool this afternoon before dad gets home from work (!!!) and signing up for a parent/tot "swim" class.

I know that these baby swim classes are usually just splashing and singing, maybe with a little bit of floating on backs or going under water thrown in. I also know that there are a lot of options for baby swim classes where they learn more life-saving skills, such as Waterbabies. These look like great programs and I wish we could afford it right now. But we can't, so I am going to shoot for familiarity with water. I am certain we will cover things like, "don't get in water without an adult" and "don't run on the pool deck". I don't want El to be afraid of water and I think that going to the pool weekly and seeing how fun water is will really help her. Right now, she hates laying down in the tub to get her hair rinsed. She is getting better at it, but we still have a ways to go.

And a fun thing about a parent/tot swim class is that I get to swim too! Although I am considerable less cute in my swim suit than El is. Which gets me to a soapbox upon which I will not stay long. Pretty much everyone looks horrible in a swimsuit because they are the most unflattering garment invented. Thin women in bikinis could lose their bottoms when they waterski and they rate constantly readjusting their tops. Normal people have cellulite or bulges too. Overweight women or women not confident in their appearance too often sit out on the side of the pool in their clothes because they are embarrassed. I understand that. I don't want to parade around in my almost nakeds either, but I don't want to miss out on life. And it is too bad that our society puts so much emphasis on looking a certain way in order to participate in certain activities. This is not so much a problem for men, think of all the fat men in speedos you see at the beach. My goal as a mother is to show my children that my body is beautiful and a gift and I should take care of it as best I can and enjoy its capabilities, even if it isn't "perfect". End soapbox rant. Rest assured, I will rocking my plumpy and pregnant body in a swimsuit for the swimming lessons.

And another fun part about these swimming lessons will be combining music and physical activity---the two things this blog is about. I will keep you updated about our fun times at the pool!

Advice for helping my children learn water safety?

How do you feel about swimsuits?

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