Monday, May 5, 2014

Changed Plans...Again

This weekend my lovely grandma passed away. I'm really ok with it. She had a stroke several years ago and hasn't been able to speak for 6 or 7 years. Since then, she's been sick, had heart problems, multiple strokes, and kind of just withered away. And since moving to Washington two years ago, I have rarely seen her. I am relieved that her suffering is over and am glad I can remember her as she was. I love my grandma, and my other grandparents, but when you've lived a long, full life and know you'll see each other in the next life, death is not too sad a thing.

Which moves us to the changed plans. This weekend was going to be a busy one. Drew was going to run his first half marathon. Our dear barbecue fiend friend is moving to a new house. I was supposed to play the organ. I wanted to go to the Ensign Symphony concert (and now am glad I didn't audition for this concert). Instead we will be flying Utah for a funeral. I'm looking forward to visiting with family and remembering my grandma. Good thing our plans are changeable!

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