Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yoga Jungle Gym

I have been trying to take things easier, and so far I have had less pain. One thing I usually do is wake up at 5:30 to exercise (if I went to bed before 10:30, this wouldn't be a challenge). Lately, I still set my alarm, but if it is too hard to get up, I wait until 6. Today I slept in a bit and did not get a chance to exercise before El woke up at 7 (I chatted with the husband and then did some cleaning). Yoga or pilates was on the agenda for today, so I rolled put my mat, shut doors I didn't want El to wander into, and pulled out the baby Legos.

I got to practice for about 10 minutes in peace. El was in her playroom, playing with her kitties and climbing the LoveSac. Then she came to find me. And saw that I was doing something cool. She grabbed some of her Legos and stacked them. The perfect place for them was on my pink mat while I rolled my hips and went through a few sun salutations. Not in the way. And the next place to build a tower was under my legs while doing a warrior series. And then, since I was only planning on about 30 minutes of light yoga, tickling my toes and climbing on me during savasana was also ideal for El.

I was actually really happy with how well she did while I practiced. She wasn't too in my way and didn't want me to play with her. El just wanted to be there with me. This gives me hope. Maybe I'll be able to exercise when she's awake after the new baby comes!

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