Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Home Again, Bowling, Yoga, and Wishing

I am home and recovering from a quick trip to Utah, mostly the flights. It was fun to ride in a redesigned Boeing 737. I loved the comfy seats and blue lights and sleek interior. Style sells and I would love to fly on one again soon! Since we were not gone for too long, the recovery from the trip hasn't been too bad. I am mostly exhausted from something fun I did after I got home.

Bowling! I have not been bowling for a long time. I went for a late-night birthday party on Monday night. I had a lot of fun and did not do too horribly for me. I played three games, got four strikes total (at least one in each game!), and scored 90, 99, 95. Not awesome scores but not bad for me and not bad for a pregnant lady! I really would have liked to bowl with a heavier ball, but played it safe by alternating between 11 pounds and 10 pounds. By the last game, I was ready to be done. My back was very tired and sore. I had a great time...


Since then, I have really struggled to get back on my feet. I stayed up late bowling, didn't sleep well on our trip, and have been sleeping like the dead each night since. Unfortunately I have not gotten up at 5:30 to workout because I have been so tired. And, my pelvic floor has been really tired, like muscle soreness tired. It is crazy. My back is tired, but nothing is new there. My final complaint since bowling is that my right hip pain has gotten worse. I have really tried to take it easy, but it doesn't seem to help. Sometimes I can barely walk. This is a problem because I love to walk and I spend much of my day chasing an excited toddler. I guess I'll have to do some searching about hip pain on the internet (the source of all wisdom) and see what I can come up with. So far, I have only thought of yoga, rolling my butt and thighs, and hip strengthening exercises. I will share what else I come up with in a later post.

This morning, I was able to start off with some yoga. I began with a 15 minute warmup of light stretches, cat/cow, hip rolls, and some sun salutations. That felt nice but then I joined Drew for breakfast. After El woke up, I wanted to get in a little more yoga and actually practiced for a half hour. The cutest moment was when I was in chair with my arms overhead and El mimicked me. Beyond that, she was very interested in touching my feet, kissing my legs, climbing under me, and knocking over the foam roller. Pretty much everything but playing with her toys. But at least I got in some good yoga time. I focused on leg strength and stretching, so a lot of chair, balances, and warrior type things. I felt really good, but my hip still hurt.

I am trying to stay positive. I am growing a baby and chasing a toddler. That is enough to wear anyone out. I try's to do the things I enjoy. The problem is that sometimes our body and our minds have different abilities at the time. If I could have my wishes come true right now, I would be...

  • Running several times a week. I am really craving that tired, strong feeling in my legs. I would be training for a race and working on getting faster.
  • At Disneyland. It seems everyone is going right now except for me.
  • Swimming three items a week and learning about open water swimming at a local lake. I still haven't gotten a gym membership (blah) and therefore haven't swam yet. I know this would probably be the best thing for me to do for my hip.
  • Feeling proud of my veggie garden. Right now it is pretty darn pathetic.
  • On top of laundry and housework. I wish it would get done and stay done.
So I am feeling a bit down right now. This hip thing is lame and makes me want to be out running or swimming even more than I wanted to be out there last week. It also makes me want to just lay on my bed all day, but it doesn't even feel fully well when I do that. Only three more months! I can make it! The finish line is in sight!

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