Monday, May 19, 2014

Wow, It Has Been A Year Since...

While walking with my buddy Sarah and our toddler daughters today, I realized something... It has been a year since I started training for the half marathon I ran last September.

Sarah and I were already walking buddies. I had been running 2 or 3 miles a few times each week. Sarah started a half marathon training schedule and suggested that I train for it too. I kept running my short distances and considered her plan. I was not very athletic, did not consider myself a runner, and thought myself incapable of running that sort of distance. Plus, El was only 6 months old and I would have to do most of my training with her in the jogging stroller.

I kept thinking, looking at training plans, reading more about running. I went for a 3-mile run with Sarah, both of us pushing our jogging strollers. And I felt great. I thought I had handled the run better than she had (probably true, as I had been running consistently for longer than she had). That run helped to convince me that I could do it.

So I pulled elements I liked from a few schedules to make my own and started training. And guess what? I did do it. It was hard and I learned a lot and I would change a lot, but that is for a different post.

But it all started a year ago.

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