Friday, May 23, 2014

My First-ish Swim

I finally bit the bullet and went to LA Fitness and purchased a membership. I also got the Kids Club daycare thing, so El and I can go during the day. But first and foremost, I shall swim in the mornings before Drew leaves for work. I am really excited to start swimming again. I think it will strengthen my hip and really help with the pain I've been experiencing during this pregnancy.

The night before my early morning swim was rough. I think I was too excited to sleep well. I was just waiting and waiting for my alarm to go off. In the morning, I thought, if I am this excited to go for a swim, I rally should have dived in a whole lot sooner. I got up at 5:30, did my hair in french braids (I couldn't find my swim cap), grabbed an apple and my bag, and headed out. I got into the pool at 6 and swam for 30 minutes.

The swim was really nice and hard. I am out of swimming shape! There are four lanes, at the busiest part of my swim, there were 8 swimmers. I was slow. I need to work on my form. I should get a kick board and maybe some other tools. But I was out there for a half hour! It was nice to feel so light and to float in the water. I love to swim, and even though it isn't the best pool ever, a pool is a pool when you need to swim.

After my swim, I have felt pretty great. I experienced no hip pain or round ligament pain during my swim---hooray! All day, I have felt pretty energetic and happy. I would say this swim has been a good thing.

Basically? I'm excited for my swim on Monday morning! I think I'll wake up a little earlier so I can get home and showered before El wakes up. I am also going to read up on technique this weekend and work on one thing each week, until good form becomes fluid (ha ha). I will also be on the lookout for a new swim cap. Pretty much, I will revel in my post-swim happiness!

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