Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend. It was good to remember those who have passed on, especially those who sacrificed their lives for others. I also love putting out my American flag, and had it out all weekend!

On Saturday, Drew went out for an 8-mile run. We are still looking for a half marathon for him that interests him, is a reasonable price, on a weekend we are in town, and is fairly close to home. It looks like our best best is one at the beginning of August, so he has scaled back his training a bit and building a strong base before he adds on the miles again. Plus, his running buddy hurt his foot during his half marathon, so Drew is less excited about running when there isn't a social aspect. Anyway, on Saturday he logged 8 miles. While he was gone, I took El to gym day care and tried out the weight machines. Since I haven't done them for a long time, I didn't lift too heavy. I think I will try to incorporate the weight machines once a week into my current routine. Our timing for my weight lifting and Drew's run was perfect. We left at the same time and got home around the same time.

Memorial Day was a nice, productive day. The weather was cool. The family headed out to our favorite path where Drew ran 5 miles (his legs really felt it in his last two miles, but he felt like this was a good building run for him) and I walked 2.5 with El. I followed my prenatal stroller pyramid and it felt great to speed walk and break a bit of a sweat. Lately, my walks have been slow, and I really was happy that I felt up to some intervals. Unfortunately, I was really tired "down there " for the rest of the day, but at least I had no problems with my hip and very few round ligament pains!

We also relaxed, washed the cars, had a BBQ with friends---all in all, it was a great, active weekend!

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