Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Being Really Slow

I am a really slow runner. So slow, you may wonder why I have a running blog. It seems like most of the running blogs I read are written by people who are pretty quick, like 8:00 minute miles is taking it easy. They compare themselves to professionals who run 5:00 minute miles or better (I have no idea about pros, I haven't checked).

And this isn't a bad thing at all. We should be inspired by people who are fast, who challenge us to do better. But I think it is important for us all to be realistic.

I run, on average, an 11:00 minute mile. I am pushing a jogging stroller; I do sometimes hit 10:30 or better---but I have accepted that I am pretty slow. I am trying to get faster, to be fast more consistently. I will probably never run a 7:00 minute mile. I may hit my peak at a consistent 10:00 minute mile. And that is OK.

What is important is that we all try our best. We won't always be successful. Sometimes I feel like I'm flying and my GPS says I'm going 11:30. Oops. Maybe that's the best I can do today. And the more I try my best, the easier the hard things will come to me.

The way I'll be trying to get faster is to push myself harder and to do some speedwork. Time to read up on that!

What is your favorite speed workout?

Who inspires you to run harder?

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