Friday, November 29, 2013

Trotting Like Turkeys

Since we didn't run in a race yesterday, A and I had our own little run. We put El in the stroller and headed down to our favorite local jogging path. It was a cold morning and now we both hope that Santa brings us running gloves.

A pushed the stroller and we kept at a pretty quick pace (for me). My splits don't seem that way because we kept stopping to rearrange El in the stroller because she kept sinking into her snowsuit. But, I could tell my cadence was faster than usual and was excited to hear some nice splits. I was all set and ready to run 5 miles, but after 3, A was ready to be done. Pushing a jogging stroller is so brutal. I just keep thinking how strong I am because I can run with it for up to 5 miles. So we just ran a small race and then walked the 2 miles home.

We talked about organizing a small race next year with our ward (Church congregation) and having people donate 2 cans of food or something. We'll see when the time comes.

I felt good and my shin splints went away after running. Today I need to foam roll my hips though.

How was your Thanksgiving feast? Ours was great. We had the missionaries and some friends over for our feast. Everything was delicious, except we had an issue with the turkey and my inability to read the meat thermometer. Let's just say that we got turkey two hours after we started our meal.

Yesterday's Workout
Run 3 miles, 32:25, 10:53
Stomach stretching with large amounts of food

Did you run in any Thanksgiving races? How did you do?

What part of your feast was a disaster?

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