Thursday, November 21, 2013

On My Running Calendar: Early 2014 Races

Although I don't really want to train intensely during the winter, having a race or two will motivate me to keep running through the rain. I thought readers may like to hear about some races I considered running.

First Call Running Club New Year's Races, January 1, 2014
A local running club puts together a low key race every few months. The next one is the First Call to Run New Year's Race, and they will have half marathon, full marathon, and 50k distances. You have to be a club member to run, but after that, the races are free (donations welcome). Our friend just ran their Veterans Day half and loved it. It is along the beautiful Sammamish River Trail. It's pretty low key, so you need to carry a water bottle and fuel. I probably won't run this race, but maybe their next one in the coming year.

Rain Run, January 25, 2014
Since I need to redeem myself in another half marathon, I am considering this run. The Rain Run sounds like a fun one that also celebrates the PNW rain. I love the phrase on their website, "Seattle doesn't run from the rain, we run in the rain!" So true. My only problem is that I don't rally feel like training through the Christmas season when it is so dark out at night. I will decide if I am running this half marathon by the end of November.

Puddle Run, February 2, 2014
I really wanted to run in the Mill Creek YMCA Puddle Run. My neighbor told me about it and I think it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to embrace the wet place we call home. There is a 5k race, 5 mile race, and a 1-mile race. There are races for kids, too. The race is really reasonably priced. I was disappointed when I realized that the race is on a Sunday! I don't run on Sundays and am bummed that I will miss this one.

Lake Sammamish Half, March 8, 2014
This race is the half that is the most darkly penciled in on my racing calendar. Lake Sammamish Half should be a good run on a beautiful trail. I haven't decided for sure yet, but I will probably run this race. It is far enough in advance that I will be able to comfortably build up my mileage.

So far, those are the races on my radar. If you are in the area, let me know about upcoming races! A reference or a friend always helps make a race better.

Today's workout
4 mile walk, 1:20:00ish

I didn't make it on a run last night, darn headache. This morning I just felt like walking. I can take it easy this week because next week I'm going to stick to a training plan!

Do you have any races planned for the first quarter of 2014?

Do you have any specific running goals for 2014?
I have three. First, improve my pace. Second, PR in a half marathon. Third, support Andrew in his marathon training.

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