Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tired Legs

Today I got to go running without the stroller! That was nice to just worry about pushing myself and not me and El. My legs were so tired from yesterday's intervals and Monday's row. Mostly the row, and my core was still tired and sore. Who knew rowing would kick my butt so much.

I pushed hard and I am so pleased with my pace. It was a short 2.25 mile run. Mile 1, I got 10:34 minutes per mile, and mile 2 reached 10:07! I was really pleased to hit that time. I felt like I was flying without that jogging stroller. I do, however, think pushing it makes me a stronger runner, as seen by my significant pace increase today.

So even on tired legs, I did better. But I think I need to ice then later. I feel kind of lightly shin splinty.

Today's workout
2.25 mile run, 23:09, 10:21 avg pace
Yoga 10 minutes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you ever done something that significantly changed your running?

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