Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

I could not find a turkey trot within 30 minutes of my home. Since I am the one cooking the feast all by lonesome, I have decided to do one on my own. I will probably make Drew run, too, and he'll probably bring along his running buddy, Daniel. Someone will have to push El in the jogging stroller, and it will probably be me,  and that is ok. So I am trying to decide what distance I'll shoot for.

5k--- not a challenging distance, but I'll really push the speed.

5 miles --- a more challenging distance where I will try to keep my pace around 10:45 if I'm pushing the stroller or 10:30 if I'm not.

10k ---a longer run to challenge my endurance, which has really slacked off since September's half marathon.

If you are running a race, Good luck!

Today's workout
Row, 32:00 min, 0.5 mile --- that was rough! I should row more often, it will definitely build my leg strength.

Are you running a Thanksgiving race? What distance?

Are you the only one running it or does your whole family join in?

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