Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just My Luck...

The weather cover came yesterday! Today while El was napping, I went to the garage to figure out how to attach it. Turns out that the BOB Strollers recalled the ones with a drawstring cord, which I have. But I can order the new way to attach it (velcro) from BOB for free, so that will be good. Basically, no cover for now. Uggh. I cannot catch a break.

The skies are clear and it is freezing here in WA. It would be perfect, but as I said yesterday, it is too cold for babies no.

Last night, I ended up rowing for 30 minutes "going" 0.5 miles. Rowing is hard. I have blisters on my hands. At least I will be able to *hopefully* keep up my level of fitness throughout the winter.

Last night, I read an article, "The Truth about Your Running Form," and it got me thinking. I've been working on my foot strike, which, according to the article, is not the most important part of form. Posture, cadence, and landing underneath your body are more important for form and injury prevention.

If I can't run because of the temperature and my child, I might as well improve my form by doing drills. Today, I ran in place with a metronome for 10 minutes. I am interested to see what my cadence is when I am out on the road. I will have to track it on my next run. I think running with a metronome could help me run at a steady, even pace, and be able to increase my cadence. When running in place, I also lift my knees forward and land gently below my body. So I'm working on two of the form points in the article. Come to think of, it is probably good for my posture, too. I will also look into some other running drills that I can do at home when the weather outside is frightful. I can take a problem and turn it to my advantage.

Even on a cold, blustery day, you can't go wrong with a run outside! (especially when done with a friend!)

So here's to preparing for the future when dealing with things out of our control. And here's to squeezing in a run of any distance when you can.

Today's Workout
30 minutes of yoga
10 minutes running in place
5 minutes of running drills

If you were trapped in your house in a blizzard, how would you get your workout in?
HIIT workouts and running drills. Plus, it will keep you warm if the power's out.

Do you have a motivational mantra?
I think I need to get one.

What is your favorite running drill?

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