Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday---Strong, Treadmills, Gesu Bambino, and Nativities

It's Thursday and I want to write about a bunch of things of various topics.

Today I read a great article called "Spread the Strength." I really liked that the author had experience being really skinny and being strong. I have never been really skinny, my lowest adult weight was 135, which I did not sustain. The best I have ever felt about my body was not when I weighed 135, but when I weighed 150 and was swimming two miles, running 10-15 miles, lifting weights, and ballet twice a week and eating very well. Strong is the new skinny. When you are strong, you can be any size and feel good about your accomplishments. This is an attitude I really hope I can pass along to El.

The treadmills (and the entire gym) was empty today. Maybe people only workout MWF? I ran intervals, and probably could have gone faster on some of them, but I am getting used to the realities of treadmill running, meaning that you sustain a speed and cannot (easily) fluctuate. My "easy" pace was 5.5 mph and my fastest intervals were at 6.5 mph. I could probably have gone up to 7.0 for one and then be dead. Maybe next time.

Today I sing "Gesu Bambino" in a duet for a dinner. I'm excited and very complimented. My friend is an older woman and is a talented and trained singer. She approached me and asked if I wanted to sing with her. This really made me feel good about my vocal talents, which is where I am barely trained. I was going to say it was my least trained musical talent, but then I remembered I had a 2-hour seminar for the organ and no training to be a choir conductor, so...

Enjoy a video of David Archuletta singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

If you are in Snohomish or Skagit county, be sure to visit the Arlington Nativity Festival this weekend. It should be great! It is from Thursday through Sunday. It is free, there will be music and lots of nativities. Three of my nativities are there!

Today's Workout
3.4 mile run, 36:00 min, 10:35 pace

What songs are you performing this Christmas season?
Gesu Bambino (duet); O Come, O Come Emmanuel (cello solo); It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (conducting a choir); singing six other songs in the choir; playing the organ on Christmas Sunday. So I'm doing a lot.

David Archuletta, yay or nay?
yay, I think he is talented.

Are you strong? How do you feel about strong as the new skinny?
Heck yes!

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