Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Too Cold for Babies

I like the cold. I am from a cold place. I like doing outdoor things. I like winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing.

Having a baby changes how adventurous your recreation can be. We have taken El ice fishing, normal fishing, hiking, camping, and on long road trips. So we still try to do the things we enjoy. But we do have to modify it. We pack heavier for hiking and camping with a child. We are working on how we can backpack with her. We can't fish for as long with her. We have more of a hub when we fish instead of wandering around. In the case of running, you have to wait for the napping stars to align, you have to bundle baby up, you have to push a stroller, you have to stop and try to get the kid to stop screaming. Some days she loves being outside and being in the stroller and going on runs. I think she likes the fresh air and to see things. But lately, she has screamed on every single run or walk. I think it is just too cold for her.

I really hope the rain cover will keep her warmer. The wind will be out of her face, she won't get wet. All I know is, I am going stir crazy and crazy from having a whiney, cold baby. It has also thrown off my running, right when I found a schedule that works and mapped out a plan. Ugh. I will really have to get out the door right when A gets home.

It isn't even that cold (for me), it's 32*F which isn't bad. But it is too cold for babies.

I feel like I just have excuses---I have a baby, it's cold, her schedule is difficult, she has a cough. I don't think excuses are bad unless you let them take over and never overcome them. Identifying your excuse can help you find a way around it. I realize I'm making excuses so here is my way around it. 1) short HIIT workouts during nap time. 2) running right when A gets home at 4:30. 3) run on my friend's treadmill. 4) rowing machine in the evenings.

It's too cold for babies, but I'm not a baby, literally or figuratively.

Today's workout
Core endurance
Tabata, 20 minutes (5 exercises)
3 mile run or 30 minute row later today

Excuses excuses. What's your excuse? How are you going to get around it?

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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