Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Personal Training for the First Time

This morning, I met up with Ashlie for my free 30 minute session with her. She weighed me, took my measurements, and I held the BMI measuring thing. Ugh. I need to lose fat (and weight). But that's ok. Then she took me through a basic arm workout.

We didn't have time, but she told me to do them in groups of two, and to do three sets of twelve of each exercise.


Chest Press
Push Up

Shoulder Press with barbell
Bicep Curl with barbell

Tricep Pushdown
Lateral Raise

It wasn't anything fancy for the routine, but I appreciated it all the same. She told me about form on each of the movements and really focused on the breath. Ashlie described three stages in weight training, first, Stabilize; second, Strength; and third, Power. She encouraged me to build a base and then to increase the weight. Don't be afraid to lift heavy! I was glad that she said this, because that is what I believe.

Overall, I would like to work more with Ashlie or any trainer. I think being accountable to someone would help me with weight loss. The monthly personal training session is the thing I like most about this gym. When I look at other places, I will ask about personal training and what is available to members.

Today's workout
15 minutes on elliptical
1 round of all exercises
20 minutes of strength training at home before El woke up

What is your favorite weight lifting move?

Do you have a personal trainer?

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