Monday, December 9, 2013

The New Piano!

It is here.

(I put a picture in! We'll see if this happens in the future. I had to copy from my email and then paste it here.)

We decided to got with the old piano for free. It is in good condition even though it is almost 100 years old. The soundboard is healthy. The strings are OK, and those that broke were spliced together well. Right now, it is out of tune, but that is only temporary. On a less musical note, the color is perfect and actually coordinates really well with a china closet from the 1970s we have. I love that is Victorian but looks retro.

I am so happy to have a piano in our home finally. I loved playing and listening to my my mom play when I was growing up. Our home was full of music. Now my new family will get to enjoy a home full of music.

Today's Workout
20 minutes strength training
20 minutes Zumba

How was your weekend?

Was your childhood home full of music?

Is your adult home full of music now?

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