Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sound of Music

Did you watch The Sound of Music last night? I got home from the Spaghetti Factory on a girls' night out right at the end of "Do Re Mi" and watched the rest of the show. I don't follow Tweet, but I guess people had a lot of negative to say.

Why do people only see the negative? Carrie Underwood is not Julie Andrews and she wasn't trying to be. The live performance isn't the film and they were not trying to make it that. I thought it was great, like being at a play only on TV and I could see the actors' faces.

My favorite moment was during the thunderstorm and the children run into Maria's room. Brigitta slams the door shut and had the best little face. I loved it. I understood more of the plot and caught more dialogue and extra meaning with a different cast that I don't have memorized. I payed better attention. I think it made me love The Sound of Music even more.

Regarding the music, I thought it was great. Everyone singing was very talented and the Von Trapp family singers sounded wonderful together. I liked the songs sung by the baroness and Max that are not included in the film. They gave added insight to their characters and were fun tunes. The one thing I thought the actors could have done better with was dynamics; they seemed to only sing mezzo forte and forte, and never really used the emotional power of piano. That may have been because of the microphone situation. I'm not sure.

Will I watch it again? Probably. I will possibly even purchase it to add to my collection. I thought it was well done and was an entirely different beast from the film. It needs to be considered and critiqued as an entity to itself and not as a competitor to the film.

Did you watch The Sound of Music live? What did you think?

How are your workouts going this week?
Horrible. I have been lazy for the past two days.

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